Gyratec G23-S: “Ambler” Tilting Equalizer w/ Solid-state option

Gyratec G23-S: “Ambler” Tilting Equalizer with Solid-state option

The G23-S is an elaboration of our G23 Tilting-type Equalizer, where we added a selectable option for either solid-state or tube audio path.

Like the original G23, it’s aimed at the situations where you have a mix that is already nearly-perfect balanced, but you want it a tad darker or brighter without messing up the overall definition. This unique tilting equalizer works by distributing the uneven phase response associated with filtering across the whole audio spectrum in stead of having it all remain within one octave like on ordinary first-order filters.

The G23-S is as standard available as 230V or 115V mains voltages – Please specify when ordering

Lead time 4-6 weeks



The G23-S is an updated version of our G23 – now including an option for selection between all-solid-state technology or classic tube circuitry.

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Designed around a highly linear 1dB/oct slope filter, so that rotating the tilting control will be tilting an almost ruler-straight response curve, to a maximum steepness of 1dB/Oct.
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Gentleness and subtlety were main design targets here: Nothing anywhere near surgical: Tilting and Highs at +/-4dB, mids at +/-2dB, and lows at +/-6.5dB.


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