Gyratec G9 – Dual Microphone preamp

Gyratec G9 – Dual Microphone preamp

The G9 is a dual true tube microphone preamp. It’s a simple, yet powerfull unit, based on a variable-gain input tube stage driving a tube SRPP output stage – No silicon in signal path.

G9 is as standard available as a 230V mains unit – other mains voltages will be made on request (at no extra cost)

Lead time 4-6 weeks



With a classic design the G9 will fit into every studio. The two handles make it easy to transport or move the product, and the material of the switches is a must feel experience.



The G9 is floating, transformer balanced at line and mic inputs, as well as on output. Although semiconductors are used in this unit, they’re confined to powersupply functions.
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Controls of the G9 includes the input level switch, the output level pot, the input switch, the low-cut switch and the phase switch.
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