Gyratec G3 (Discontinued)

Gyratec G3 (Discontinued)

Stereo electro-optical Compressor 

It is with regret that we announce the discontinuing of the G3 Electro-optical Stereo Compressor. This due to imbecile EU legislation that prohibits the minute amounts of CdS present in the heart of the unit's compression cells. If you have one of the units already, it's still legal – and we keep a number of spares for these.

Out of production. Contact for repairs.


  • Warranty
  • All units are sold prepaid – If you wish, we can negotiate a two-week return/money-back option for customers that have no other way of trying out the units, like in countries that don’t have distributors yet. This would allow you to return the unit, all you need to pay is the shipping expenses both ways.According to the danish consumer rights you have two years of warranty. You can only complain about errors which were there when you recieved the product, or where the cause of the error was there at the delievery.


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