Gyratec G23: “Ambler” Tilting Equalizer (Discontinued)

Gyratec G23: “Ambler” Tilt Equalizer

The G23 is a Tilt-type Equalizer aimed mainly at mix and mastering – for the situations where you have a mix that is already nearly-perfect balanced, but you want it a tad darker or brighter without messing up the overall definition.

The G23 is as standard available as 230V or 115V mains voltages – Please specify when ordering

Out of production. Contact for repairs.



Gentleness and subtlety were main design targets here: Nothing anywhere near surgical: Tilting and Highs at +/-4dB, mids at +/-2dB, and lows at +/-6.5dB.


Designed around a highly linear 1dB/oct slope filter, so that rotating the tilting control will be tilting  an almost ruler-straight response curve, to a maximum steepness of 1dB/Oct.
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Controls of the G23 includes a linear tilting control, bypass switch and trim function.
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