Gyraf Audio

22. Jan. 2018

MusikMesse 2016 - when we presented the G23...

April 11-14, 2018
We will be at Hall 4, First Floor, Booth no. 4.1 E23 - showing our newest beast: G24, the Passive/Aggressive

About us

Gyraf Audio is an audio electronics manufacturing, research, and development company, situated in Aarhus, Denmark. Originally founded in partnership with one of Denmark's largest recording studios, the now defunkt Feedback Recording.

Product Development

For product development, we use our associated studios and engineers as guideline for new designs, developing our products in close contact with full-time recording staff. This Real world verification is by far our most valuable design evaluation tool - and it enables us to explore technologies where few have been before.


We hand-build a range of real tube audio devices, using audio electronics technology originating around 1950. Because we like it that way. But as we're not purists, we use modern solid-state electronics for non-audio purposes - like power supplies, metering, and sidechains in the compressors. Likewise, the G21 "Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum" contains a variety of semiconductor elements in the signal path, but used entirely in passive mode.


In our manufacturing, we focus on hand building single units or small series of 2-4 units at one time - we have never tried our hands on mass-production, as this route makes no sense for our designs, which rely on massive amounts of careful selection of components. And yes, every single unit is still handbuilt by yours truly (!!).

Product range

Our product range covers a broad range of equipment intended for recording and mastering: Microphone preamplifiers, Equalizers, Compressors, and even the occational passive soft-clipper. See under /Products for the entire range

Tubes and the future

In our products, We use only NOS (New Old Stock) tubes of the highest quality, but still we base all our designs on readily available tubes, most of which are in current production - because it's important to know that availability of spare tubes is not going to be a problem anytime soon..

Picture of the month:
Paris Minzer of Frogtown Sound, taming his G21 MagnetoDynamic Infundibulum.

Our setup at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2015:
Bottom to top: G22, G23, G14 and G21

NOTE: Discontinued products:

It is with regret that we announce the discontinuing of two of our units: The G2 recording Channel, and the G3 Electro-optical Stereo Compressor. This due to imbecile EU legislation that prohibits the minute amounts of CdS present in the heart of the unit's compression cells. If you have one of the units already, it's still legal - and we keep a number of spares for these.

We will, however, try to come up with an alternative solution. It's just not easy by any means.

Please note: Current lead time is an estimated 4-6 weeks from time of order.

This lo-tech page has been written in windows notepad. No animals or actual units were harmed during production and testing.