Cookies uses cookies. Cookies are non-edible, but instead small data files that are saved on your browser, to be re-read at some later time – by our local page, or whereever Google wants to identify you. It’s like a mark we paint on your forehead, so we can recognize you anywhere. On the bright side, the data is only used for personal analytics and will neither be published nor shared with others. At least not by us. But as it’s Google who does the job for us, who knows where the information will end up….We use cookie to:

  • Improve the website
  • Recognize each unique user
  • Measure traffic and activity through Google Analytics
  • Target advertising with remarketing

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According to the european General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Google Analytics collects the following personal data:


– Online identifiers including cookie identifiers

– Internet protocol addresses and device identifiers

– Client identifiers

If you can’t disable cookies yourself, please contact us per mail.