2019 Price adjustment

Aarhus, 26. July 2019

2019 Price adjustment

It is with regret that we announce that we will have to raise prices on our units effective immediately. This for several reasons like NOS tubes and specific hardware getting very expensive lately, and sales/distribution getting much more complex over the years. Unfortunately I haven’t being paying too much attention to these factors creeping up on us, so it seems to have added up to a level where a relatively large price regulation is needed – in the order of maybe 35 to 40% on some units, less on others.

In hindsight it would have been much better taking this a bit at a time, adjusting pricing as costs grow. The problem is that I’m horrible at doing these calculations and taking such far-reaching decisions on the spot – so usually I’ll put it off until accounting starts nagging me. Like this time.

For exact numbers on our new prices, please contact your local dealer – shipping, currency and complex international trading difficulties influences different countries in different ways..

Jakob Erland

Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2019

In April we were at the PLS2019 in Frankfurt in April 2019:



We were at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt showing a selection of our units. Place was Hall 8.0, booth J76 from Tuesday to Friday 10 to 6. And probably also participating in the “Audio Builders Workshop” as much as time allows.

As always, we were sharing a booth with German “SessionDesk” who will be showing their beautiful studio furniture. Pic very related.

I was showing my latest experiment, the G14-S. For some reason, nobody asked me why..?

Announcing the G23-S

Happy to announce that the G23-S tilting equalizer has found it’s final form – we have managed to make it dual-technology, selectable from the bypass switch.

In one setting it is all solid-state, servo balanced – in the other it’s all transformers and tubes as usual.

Our test personnel ended up liking the concept after all, which made it possible to go through a range of semiconductors/manufacturers to find the grade of silicium that we think plays nice with the equalization.


Musikmesse 2018

Musikmesse 2018. I was there with my brothers from SessionDesk – the company with the beautiful-functional studio furniture. If you don’t know them already, they’re worth checking out.

I know there have been a lot of bitchin’ about this years Messe arrangement, but I really can’t complain: It seems that there was a much higher concentration of the people I wanted to talk to, much less of the kids looking for gtr amps and free merch. So much more time spent in interesting conversations with good people, less time trying to protect the gear from random abuse.


Frankfurt MusikMesse 2017

Gyraf Audio at MusikMesse 2017 in Frankfurt

Gyraf Audio will be at the Messe in Frankfurt the coming week: We can be found in Hall 9.0 stand F30, also showing our newest product: The G24, a passive compressor with a couple of all-new twists.

You’ll also get a chance to hear a selection of our other products, including the ground-breaking G23 “Linear Tilt” equalizer.

Stop by and listen!

Jakob Erland
Gyraf Audio